College Preparation

WYHS believes that preparing for college begins the first day a student enters high school, and therefore we take multiple steps to ensure that our  students will be college-ready.

A challenging College Preparatory Curriculum is integral to a student's high school portfolio. WYHS focuses on the courses that colleges feel are essential for higher education, offering them in a variety of levels so all students can be appropriately challenged. This includes offering multiple Advanced Placement courses in all four major subject areas, courses in which our students have had a high rate of success.
English- WYHS' excellent English language and literature curriculum is focused on preparing students with the sophisticated reading and writing skills necessary to succeed across disciplines, including other subjects involving analysis and writing.

History- Our History curriculum covers a wide array of subjects beginning with Ancient Civilization in 9th grade followed by Modern European History in 10th, American History in 11th, and both classic and modern Jewish History in 12th. Many students opt to take AP European and/or AP US History, which are offered in 10th and 11th grade, respectively. Emphasis is again on critical thinking and writing skills as well as strong factual knowledge.

Math- WYHS students take four years of college preparatory math. Students begin with Geometry in 9th grade, moving on to Algebra I or II, depending on their middle school background. Algebra II is followed by Pre-Calculus or Trigonometry, with advanced students moving on to Calculus (including AP Calculus AB and BC). Both basic skills and mathematical reasoning are components of the math department curriculum.
Science- Students at WYHS take Biology in 9th grade and Chemistry in 10th grade, followed by an array of choices in 11th and 12th, including Physics, Environmental Science, Anatomy, and Psychology. We offer AP courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics on a rotating basis, depending on student interest, along with AP Psychology. Both hands-on and virtual labs supplement the students' mastery of the subject matter.
In addition to the core subject areas described above, students select from a variety of electives including Spanish and Arabic.

College Guidance begins in 9th grade at WYHS and continues in both intensity and individualization as the years progress.

Preparation for college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT begins in the fall when all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors take the PSAT exam. In addition, all sophomores take the PLAN exam. When WYHS receives the students' scores, college preparatory teachers meet to compare individual scores with class performance and participation, and then provide personalized guidance and advice to students. Freshmen meet regularly with freshmen advisors for both academic and personal guidance.¬† Upperclassmen meet with the college preparatory administrative team. All juniors and their parents meet in the latter half of the year with the Director of College Guidance, and seniors continue these meetings throughout the college exploration and application process. In addition, several college-related programs are conducted for students and parents throughout the year.